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Suspend/Resume Monitoring

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Suspend/Resume Monitoring

I'm have a problem with HP SIM v5.2 sp2 where I cannot RESUME monitoring of a server.

I just see the message "Current monitoring state: Disabled (This system cannot be monitored.)" All options are greyed out and no radio buttons are selected.

No other servers are being affected.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Rob Buxton
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Re: Suspend/Resume Monitoring

Try re-identifying the server?
what kind of server is it? Is it showing correctly in HPSIM?
fred Passeron
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Re: Suspend/Resume Monitoring


Has the system been suspended in terms of monitoring ?

If so why not try to resume the monitoring by using the options menu / system properties / suspend-resume ?

hope it helps

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Re: Suspend/Resume Monitoring

I'm having the same problem w/HP SIM v5.1 w/SP1. SIM does not show the server's IP Address. All of the suspend/resume features are grayed out. Mgmt Processor Status displays as Normal but Performance Status says Unknown. I can log in to the server via ILO. Probably a dumb question, but how do you reidentify a server?
David Claypool
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Re: Suspend/Resume Monitoring

The lack of an IP address is the clue. This server has not been discovered or identified directly by HP SIM. Its presence was inferred because either the OA of the enclosure in which it's present or its iLO was discovered and HP SIM was told to 'discover' based on that. Turn off those options in Automatic Discovery and this won't happen.
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Re: Suspend/Resume Monitoring

I have having the same issue but with HP SIM 5.2 SP1 that is monitoring VMWare ESX hosts and sessions. I am not using VMM or agents on the sessions.

I am having a problem with 1 session. When I first add it to the console it can be monitored. When the daily identify systems task kicks off on the host it will not allow the session to be monitored. When you click on the server it states "Monitoring of the system is suspended indefinitely."

When I click on Suspend/Resume Monitoring it shows "Current monitoring state: Disabled (This system cannot be monitored.)" and everything is greyed out.

I added to this thread, I can start a new one if needed.

Thanks for any help,
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Re: Suspend/Resume Monitoring

We had a similar problem and found we had to include the esxhost usename and password in the global settings so SIM could log into the host.

Re: Suspend/Resume Monitoring

I had the Same issue but there is a HP SIM 6.3.1  fix you have to


Hotfix can be downloaded here:\


I made a spread that help me suspend muliple servers from excel

Here are my

     My code TXT,   How to docs and  xlsm App attached which is ZIP

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video how to use the tool