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System Identification of Symantec Mail Security Appliances


System Identification of Symantec Mail Security Appliances

I imported the relevant MIBs for the Symantec Mail Security Appliances. They run Linux, so by default they show as Linux servers after discovery. I created a custom Manage System Type that added an object identifier from the Symantec email security MIBs to distinguish them from generic Linux servers (and set it's priority to 1). However, after running a system identification task they still show as Linux servers.

1. Is there a way to manually specify a server as a specific managed system type when system identification is not functioning right?

2. How do you troubleshoot system identification? There is nothing in stderr, and from stdout, the two relevant sections seem to be: "Checking for SNMP support on system.
The system responded to a SNMP request, it supports SNMP." and "Running SNMP System Type Manager identification.
Found matching SNMP System Type Manager rule, added as possible system type"