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System Insight Manager

Michelle Likes
Occasional Visitor

System Insight Manager

I am new to using this application. My goal is to be able to receive a message from the system when a critical, major, or minor event occurs. We have a paging system that will allow me to send these messages to my cell phone so that I may respond. I would like to see a view variables defined in the message such as server name, event condition, event level - critical, minor, major. I am not sure how to proceed to set this up. I would like an example that I could follow or some advice. If this application can not fulfill this requirement, I need to look elsewhere for a solution.

Michelle Likes
Occasional Visitor

Re: System Insight Manager

I know that I am replying to my own thread but I need to add details to get confirmation. Steps for setup:
1) Install snmp and make sure traps are sent to the System Insight Manager Server

2) Install the proper PSP to get the agents installed that interact with SNMP to provide alerts.

3) ??? How can the output to an email message be controlled so that I can forward it to a meaningful format on my cell phone?

Ed Cox
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Re: System Insight Manager

SNMP (strings and Traps) and the agents are necessary as you mentioned.
The trick is this...
Getting the message over to the Paging system. The paging function within SIM assumes that if you want to send a page from SIM then you have to choose the COM port over which the messages will be sent. So SIM assumes there will be a modem hanging off of the server.
Does your paging system accept emails that can then be forwarded to your phone?
There is also another option to run a custom command if an event is received. This could launch a VB script that calls your paging system...but I'm not an expert on that side of SIM.
There is also just plain SMTP email which can be forwarded to a distribution list.
If you want to try and give any of this a shot then under SIM go to:

Options> Events> Automatic Event Handling

From there you can choose to set up your modem or email settings. Once that is done then look under AutoEventHandling again and you will see New Task. (by the way I'm using SIM 5.0 as my example)
Choose the second option "with events and system attributes that I will specify" next. Name the task...Next. Under Select Events, my drop down defaulted to Where Severity is Any. Under the drop down next to Any - choose Critical. Then click Add on the right hand side. Choose Major from the drop down and then Add again to select Minor.
The next screen allows you to pick the systems you want to be notified about. The the Select Actions is where you can choose Pager or Email, etc...or a combination.
I'm not sure about sending this on to a Paging system from here though. Maybe re-post another message in this forum?
let me know if you have any other questions.
Good luck,