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System Management Homepage - Open ports?

Jboy Anchorman
New Member

System Management Homepage - Open ports?

Big RTFM on this post, apologies but time is short so I try to reach out to where ever I can for answers.

Our server runs Windows 2003 with Active Directory and is hooked up with System Management Homepage for server configuration. I am somewhat new to this setup and I just dont understand how to control open ports.

In linux which is my natural envoriment this is as easy as pie, all this Windows stuff is very confusing and alien from my nice black and white shell.

We need to open certain ports for secure communication with SSH. Also, I have tried connecting to numerous SSH servers running on different ports but my connection is not accepted. There is no Firewall running so I guess this HP "extension" must control all that? So maybe its not an port issue but has something to do with "trusted sites"? I really have no idea where to configure anything like that.

If I try to start the Windows Firewall I get a message the service is not running and Yes/No box asking me if I want to enable it (which I am not really interested in since I want to open ports - not block them). And if there is no firewall running then I wouldnt have this problem? Unless some other means of blocking ports is running which is why I suspect the System Management Homepage.

Help GREATLY appreciated. And if I am completely lost then please give me some pointers what I should be doing to achieve my goal.



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Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: System Management Homepage - Open ports?


I don't think System Management Homepage blocks any ports. It does not normally use SSH. It uses port 2381 for https. There is a trust setup in SMH, but that's to set up which Management Server it should trust.
But I did not think Windows came with an SSH client. I remember that when deploying HP Systems Insight Manager (Central Management Server) it required installing an OpenSSH client on the machine.