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System Management Homepage - SNMP & WBEM Issues

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System Management Homepage - SNMP & WBEM Issues


I recently installed SMH version on my HP Proliant DL380 G2 running Windows 2003 Server.  SNMP initially worked, but in the process of upgrading and adding WBEM, both SNMP and WBEM are now not working.  I am currently running versions of SMH and of WBEM.


I also don't see the "system Model" (unknown) and the "Data Source" is blank.  The Data Source use to change between SNMP and WBEM when I switch between the two sources, but not anymore...


When I run with WBEM enabled I get the timeout error:


     A timeout occurred while loading data for the HP System Management Homepage which may result in missing or incomplete iformation.  Please ensure that the various agents configuration is correct.  etc


When I run with WBEM enabled, the only thing I get on the "home" page is Network.  With older versions of SMH, the Storage, and Operating System tabs appeared along with the Network.


When I run with SNMP enabled, I get no menu items.  Per my searching around on the internet, my understanding is that this signifies SNMP is not working or is not configured properly on my server.  I have the following entries set for SNMP Service:


     Under security tab:

          private:  read write

              accept SNMP packets from localhost

          public:  read only

              accept SNMP packets from localhost


    Under traps tab:


              trap destination:


               trap destination:


Not sure where to go from here.  I am also not familar with how to test to ensure that SNMP is working.  I know that there are commands that you can run from the command line to test this, but I am not familar with how to format these commands based on the above entries.







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Re: System Management Homepage - SNMP & WBEM Issues


Resolved the issue...


I had two problems:


     1)  SNMP was not setup correctly.  I downloaded MIB Browser ( and ran SNMP queries.  I changed my SNMP security tab (via SNMP Service Properties) and temporarily changed from "Accept SNMP packets from these hosts" to "Accept SNMP packets from any host".  Yes this is probably not high in the "good practices" security guidelines, but it helped me out greatly with regards to verifying that SNMP was working.


     2)  More importantly, I needed to update the version of HP Insight Manager running on my server.  I was running version 7.10 and updated it to version 9.10


I highly recommend the following URL with regards to installing SMH on HP ProLiant platforms.  While it is a bit out of date, it covers the basics of what MUST happen in order for you to get SMH up and running.




NOTE:  The next steps are to install WBEM and to fix the gaping security hole that I created in SNMP security