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System Management Homepage and SSL Certificates

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System Management Homepage and SSL Certificates

Where would someone go to make a request for a development tool that scriptomatically requests and installs SSL certificates on target servers in an enterprise environment? My company is seeing a vulnerability to the SMH (from NESSUS) for using self-signed SSL certificates. We know the manual way to do this, per server, but due to our very large number of target servers I'd like to see if HP developemnt can create something that would interface with its product and install approved 3rd Party Certificate Authority certificates; we'd prefer to be able to create one for this particualar application and import to all, but if HP still needs the individual request to come from the target server, we'd like to see about getting an HP tool to do so. Thanks for reading:)

Re: System Management Homepage and SSL Certificates

I would be interested in this solution / deployment tool also !

In my point of view it's not very realistic to deploy SSL certificates for System Management Homepage on hundrests of servers manualy.