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System Management Homepage displays no data

Occasional Contributor

System Management Homepage displays no data

Hi, I installed Windows SBS 2003 on a ML310 G5 and had to do the installation using the HP branded version of SBS cd. The reason was SmartStart would not recognize the raided SATA drives. I then installed the PSP , but when I start SMH, I get no data...system model comes up has unknown. When I tried installing SBS using the SmartStart cd,not having the drives raided, SMH came up correctly. SNMP was installed in both cases.

Anyone have a clue whats going on?



Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: System Management Homepage displays no data

If the system is not being correctly identified then check SNMP. You need localhost and the HPSIM Server as allowed hosts. SNMP is enough to identify a server.

If you're running PSP 8, then browse to the SMH and under settings check if it's using wbem, change it to SNMP and relogin.