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System Management Homepage - password reset

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Torben Kronborg
Occasional Contributor

System Management Homepage - password reset

Somehow I slipped up when typing my new passwords during installation of hp SIM 4.1 under Web-Enabled System Management Password.

My Administrator password does not work but both Operator and User does.

How do I reset these passwords? I have already tried to re-install PSP from the SmartStart CD and a single install of the HP Insight Management Agents for Windows 2000/Server 2003 but with no luck. The password is still wrong.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: System Management Homepage - password reset

You can either copy the c:\compaq\wbem\cpqhmmd.acl file from a known good Server to the rogue one or copy the PSP down somewhere. If copied from CD check the files are Read/Write. Run setup.exe to fire up the RDU, configure the Agents from this screen. Done by right clicking the entries. Add passwords etc. Then you can use this to redeploy the Foundation Agent. Use the overwrite existing flag. You can remove all the entries except the Agent.
Note you should configure the agents in your VCRM if you're using that.
Danny Fisher
Occasional Contributor

Re: System Management Homepage - password reset

Another way that I found to reset the password is to just deply the version control agent. This can also reset the passwords.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: System Management Homepage - password reset

Once configured a number of Agents can update the password.
Typically I disable this from all but one of the Agents. This just saves maintenance and confusion at password change time and when the next Softpaq gets downloaded.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: System Management Homepage - password reset

Dropping more hints...

HP SIM 4.2 (due out next month) has a new menu item called "Repair Windows agents." The task will prompt for Windows credentials and then connect to any ProLiant Insight agent and make sure that it is set up properly to communicate via SNMP, trap destinations and trust relationship. Oh, and password problems will be a thing of the past, because the new Systems Management Homepage will no longer have built-in accounts but will use OS user or domain accounts for authorizations.
GiL Virtucio_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: System Management Homepage - password reset

Recently found a workaround on how to reset / recover the password for the HP System Management Homepage for servers that are running HTTP Server v5.94.0

So far it works fine for our DL 380 G4 tested it on several servers and i was able to reset the admin password.

Just go to the directory:

Edit the following files :
- cpqhmmd.ini


- cpqhmmdx.ini

Then restart the services of HP from the Services mmc console of windows (particularly the HP Insight Foundation Agent service)

Then try to open the manage homepage again. You should be able to access the site. Your browser will use the ADMINISTRATOR access by default.

Just dont forget that as soon as you are logged in change the password and revert the changes that you have made to the mentioned files. And restart the services again to ensure that youll restore the security settings.

Hope this helps.
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