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System Status Unknown & Timeouts

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System Status Unknown & Timeouts

Hi there,

80% of my servers are recognised, but the rest display the following error when loading up the HPSIM Homepage " Timeout occured while loading data for the HP Systems Insight management homepage...".
When the page loads, the System Type is "Unknown" in the top right hand corner of the device home page. Usually it gives the server model here, ie DL380.
SNMP Settings are deployed via GPO. I have re ran the install for the 7.6 PSP rel 25 Sept 06 on the server I am testing on, and no change - any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: System Status Unknown & Timeouts

Three (that I know of) of my 400 servers are having the same problem. The servers are DL380's & two are G4's and one is a G3. They were originally using the 7.40 PSP and after identifying the problem, I did an in place upgrade to PSP 7.70. This did not resolve the issue so I proceeded to remove all the agents and do a clean install of the PSP forcing them to update current versions. This produced no change. I then engaged HP's support. He recommended downgrading to 7.60. I was very doubtful that would produce any desirable effect and that doubt proved to be well founded. Afterward I began searching on the forums and found the following.
This thread contained some good information and using it I removed & reinstalled SNMP, updated the systems firmware, verified the SNMP settings which are distributed via GPO to all the servers, and found another article.
None of these steps helped although the last article made the timeout error message disappear.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.