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System identification in RHEL with HP-SIM

Enrico Ferro
Occasional Advisor

System identification in RHEL with HP-SIM

Hi everybody,

we are trying to configure all our systems (mainly BL but also DL) in HP-SIM.

Most of our systems are running various Red Hat Linux versions (3,4,5/i386,x86_6,itanium).

The point is that even if we update to the latest PSP version, many systems are not correctly identified, they report as "Product Name" "Linux Server" and for "OS Name" "LINUX" instead of a more detailed version. This prevent automatic remote service support from HP.

For example we have a cluster with identical hardware, one with old PSP reporting detailed data and another one with a more recent version showing incomplete data.

Where can we look debug this strange behaviour?

thanks in advance,
all the best,
Esteemed Contributor

Re: System identification in RHEL with HP-SIM

1. Try to compare the system Management home page SMH https://hostname:2381 of the systems. I guess you will see totaly diffrent scrrens.
2. Check the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf files
your SIM Server should have access to the systems. This is also the place to see that your SNMP Sub agent are enabled.
3. Identify the systems again after all the corrections and service restart.
Enrico Ferro
Occasional Advisor

Re: System identification in RHEL with HP-SIM

Thank you bpe for your suggestions! We are now fixing some systems not correctly identified.