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System type, make and model changes?

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Stuart M. Garland
Occasional Advisor

System type, make and model changes?

Can anyone tell me why, on any given day, random servers change their description to UNKNOWN and no longer show any information about the make and model of the server?
I am running SIM 5.0 SP5 on a Windows 2003 cluster (SP1) and have seen the same problem in previous versions of the software.
The problem is that no matter how many times I try to do a IDENTIFY SYSTEM, DATA COLLECTION etc. etc. I can't get their information back.
How unbelievably frustrating is this!!!

Any help much appreciated.

Occasional Advisor

Re: System type, make and model changes?

You may want to check the SNMP configuration file, /etc/snmpd.conf, on the target client server that in question. The "public" community string is required for SIM working properly.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: System type, make and model changes?

Do you by any chance have wbem enabled globally and with credentials added at the global level?

I've seen issues where wbem seems to interfere with the identification process.

My work around is to enabled wbem globally but with no credentials and manually set wbem for servers where I don't have snmp - typically my vmware guest servers.

Try looking at the results from some of the HPSIM regular tasks that may be running overnight. You may see timing overlaps between different tasks which again can cause issues.

As regards the above posting, yes you do need a Read Only SNMP String, but it has to be the same as what you've configured into HPSIM which is not necessarily "public".
Occasional Advisor

Re: System type, make and model changes?

Hi Rob, thanks for the correction, and you are right on the SNMP community string settings.