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Sytem Managment Homepage issues

John Rigby
Occasional Advisor

Sytem Managment Homepage issues

I get timeout errors when opening the system managment homepage on my SIM Server. I need to crerate a new PSP but am not getting the version control or repository links.

Also the model is shown as unknown within the Homepage.

Im tempted to uninstall the system management homepage software or remove and re-add the machine to SIM. Any thought of best approch here?



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Re: Sytem Managment Homepage issues

Hi John,

To resolve this issue, perform the following step:
Open the smhpd.xml in the installpath\hp\hpsmh\conf directory on the boot drive with text editor.
Manually add the "ui-timeout" tag as follows (between the and ):

Value could be between 10 - 3600.
Save the file.
Restart the HP SMH service.
Re-login to SMH
It should not timeout now.
John Rigby
Occasional Advisor

Re: Sytem Managment Homepage issues

Thanks for your feedback. It seems to have just resolved itself now. I will keep your notes for future refrence.