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Re: Trap from OA if temp is too high

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Trap from OA if temp is too high


I wonder if it is possible to receive a alarm in SIM when temp in a c7000 chassi raising.

Best Regards
/Micke Ch

Re: Trap from OA if temp is too high

Hi Micke

Though, best practice is having blades integrated into SIM as server (Windows/ESX or HP UX); you can try enabling SNMP trap settings between OA and SIM. In order to setup this you would need to-
Setup HP SIM integration under Users/Authentication > HP SIM Integration
Go to last tab (Certificate Upload) and type in the IP of HP SIM server â Download from HP SIM serverâ ¦â
Apply the changes.
(You may need to re-run the discovery for OA).
Now, go back to Enclosure Settings > SNMP Settings and Enable the SNMP.
Leave the first section empty and put in Host as HP SIM server and Community string â publicâ .
This should work, but you cant test it until you put a blanket on enclosure or cut of the fan. :)

Hope it helps.
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Re: Trap from OA if temp is too high

There is no "try" involved: information and status about c-Class infrastructure is managed by Onboard Administrator. For proper notifications on power, thermal, etc, SNMP needs to be configured in OA including trap destinations.