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Traps from ESX Servers

Ales Kostohryz
Occasional Contributor

Traps from ESX Servers


I try to manage my two ESX 4.0 Update1 in HP SIM 5.3 sp1. I installed on ESX Server "HP ManagementAgents for VMware ESX 4.x" version 8.3.1
The SNMP work and the 2 nodes was discovered as server "Proliant DLXX G5" with OS Linux - VMware Esx Server.

I receive traps from both ESX servers:
Remote Insight mouse cable disconnected (9009)
Remote Insight keyboard cable disconnected (9008)
Remote Insight/Integrated LightsOut Self Test Error (9005)

I receive this messages several times a day into HP SIM

What's going Wrong.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Traps from ESX Servers

That looks like a problem with the ILO itself. I would log a call with HP.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Traps from ESX Servers

I just experienced the same issue. I logged into the iLo Management and in "Diagnostics" I reset the iLo agent, it cleared up the issue.
I am running ESX vSphere 4 on 2 DL360 G5 servers. If you are unable to get into the iLo management console you can download "sp19719.exe" and follow the instructions, this will let you reset the diagnostics on the iLo agent.