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Trick to get VMM and SMP to work

Gerald LaVallee
Frequent Advisor

Trick to get VMM and SMP to work

I have tried these steps with inconsistent results... some please steer me straight!

1) Push Open SSH
2) Push VMM Agent
3) Deploy VMM Key
4) Deploy SMP Agent (if migration is desired)

Doesn't seem to be rocket science but 75% of the time this fails... I get SSH unauthorized... does this mean I have a Trust problem?

DO I configure SSH after pushing it to the server? I understood that as long as I had admin rights on the box that SSH or any agent deployed gets pushed and configured correctly.

What ever it takes!
Gwyndaff Evans
Occasional Contributor

Re: Trick to get VMM and SMP to work

Depends whether you are using 'root' as the login. Root is disabled by default on ssh. You may need to enable it.

To do this, edit the "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" file, find the variable called "PermitRootLogin" and change its value to yes.