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Trouble forwarding events from SIM 5.2 to OVOW

P Moran
Frequent Advisor

Trouble forwarding events from SIM 5.2 to OVOW

I am trying to integrate SIM 5.2 to OVOW 8.0. The integration package(SPI)comes with a forwarding task for critical and major events. I have followed instructions for creating a new collection on SIM which I called "Notable" and based it on severity. I then went to OVO and started the tool Create Events task so the OVO agent listener on the SIM box knows to intercept and forward that collection of events. Problem is, when I launch the "Create Events Task" tool, I get an error that the query doesnt exist create it first. The parameters for the tool include a -q to specify the name of the query and a -t for a task name so this tool is (I believe) supposed to create both the query and task. The integration documentation makes no mention of having to separately create a query.

Any help appreciated, I need to figure this question out. I have posted this question on OVO forum also.