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Trust relationship after server rebuild

Larry Shaw
Frequent Advisor

Trust relationship after server rebuild

Because of issues installing SP5, we had to reinstall SIM from scratch. After the rebuild, it had a new certificate. All of our managed servers, therefore, needed a "repair configuration" job to recreate their trust of SIM.

However, we have about 375 out of 1000 servers that did not complete. Each of them now have two certificates, both the old and th new. They do not recognize the trust and continue to act untrusted. If we run the Repair Agents job again, they report that the relationship is already in place.

If I look at those servers, they have two certificats, "hpsim" and "" (not real names but similar.) The "" is the old. If I log in to the System Management Homepage and delete the old certificate and then log out and connect again through SIM, it brings up a logon screen with automatic certificate registration and then the trust is workable.

I've tried a couple of different crude efforts to automate this without success. We'd not like to have to go out and manualy touch all of those servers.

Has anyone else discovered an easier way to deal with this?
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: Trust relationship after server rebuild

Nope ,HP Sim is still in evolution,may ba one day.

You could ask HP for that!

Good luck!
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Trust relationship after server rebuild

See my reply on the thread in the link below.
It details how I redistributed updated SMH details where the trust had been lost.
mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: Trust relationship after server rebuild

how did you do the re-distribution the link that you put in is dead.