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Turn off redundant Power notification

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Turn off redundant Power notification

We have a Lab here and only one Power supply is plugged in (I know,,,don't go there, not my decision)
Is there a part of the agent or reg hack so that we don't see that error that shows a power supply failure?..but keeps everything else.

I know remove "remote Insight Info" stopped the ILO from generating errors.

any info appreciated!
Neysters, Lutz
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Re: Turn off redundant Power notification

Hi Larry,

in my case (DL 380 G4 and G5) pulling the power supply itself and substituting it by a blank did the job.
If the agent notices only one power supply, it won't complain. If it notices the second powersupply "unplugged" it will cry "alert".

Another quick and *dirty* workaround would be using a multiple plug.