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UPS Management Module in HP SIM 5.x

Dwayne Skinner
Frequent Advisor

UPS Management Module in HP SIM 5.x

We have UPS Management Module for the R1500 G2 installed with our new servers. They show up in SIM, however, they seem to be missing some information. They don't show enough information to do the Contract and Warranty such as Serial Number and Product Number.


Does SIM 5 show this information for these devices? I'm trying to determine if this is an error of SIM just isn't designed to show that information.


Maybe the MIB's need updating?

jim goodman
Trusted Contributor

Re: UPS Management Module in HP SIM 5.x

If SNMP is configured for the module - then you should get a full discovery. Saying that though, I do not know for certain if Product Number and Serial Number will be discovered. You can manually add those to the System Properties for the UPS in SIM.


As an aside: If you are on SIM5 and using IRSA, I believe IRSA is probably disconnected from the HP Backend and not functioning well if at all.