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URGENT : All servers have gone. !!!!!!!!

Steve Weeks_1
Frequent Advisor

URGENT : All servers have gone. !!!!!!!!

Last night we had 600 servers in HPSIM...

this morning we have 2 !!!!!!!!!

I 'think' that the 24x7 monitoring guys may have deleted all machines instead of all events.... (they clear the events each night) after logging calls for the alerts.

Any ideas where i can find out guys ? the logs are less than useful

We had an alert at 4.19am which tells me as of then, it was working OK.

Thoughts ?
Steve Weeks_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: URGENT : All servers have gone. !!!!!!!!

Seems they deleted them all...

Audit log as below...

92387: 2006-12-17 05:49:13

plus another couple of hundred....