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Unable to Get Info from Windows 2003 Server

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Unable to Get Info from Windows 2003 Server


I am running SIM version 7.1.0 on a Windows 2008 R2 server. 


I have a ProLiant DL380 G2 running Windows 2003.  When I try to run a "Discovery" against this server, I get the error:


Major:    The system cannot be identified properly for HP SIM to manage;
          unable to get one or more of the following: model, serial number or
          unique identifier (UUID). For management processors, verify the
          system is running the latest firmware. For Linux based operating
          systems, you must have dmidecode installed, enable the
          PermitRootLogin and PasswordAuthentication in sshd, and use root
          sign-in credential. For HP-UX, verify the sign-in credential. For
          Windows, check if WMIMapper is configured correctly on the CMS and
          verify the sign-in credential.


Per some posts that I read online, I ran the following command on my SIM server (ie:  Windows 2008 server).


          wmic:root\cli>/node:"daebu40" bios get serialnumber
          Node - daebu40
          Description = Access is denied.

The node "daebu40" is the hostname of my Windows 2003 server.


I can telnet from the W2008 server to ports 135 & 445 on the W2003 server, thus I don't think this is a firewall issue.





Tushar Bajpai
Trusted Contributor

Re: Unable to Get Info from Windows 2003 Server

Check for WMI Mapper Service, if it is installed on the CMS, it must be registed in HPSIM as proxy or can be installed on the target node also.


If WMI Mapper is on CMS: Firewall might be blocking COM/DCOM calls as they use dynamic ports.


Solution: Either use SNMP to discover the server after installing the HP SNMP Agents on the Server excluding 161 and 162 in firewall.


Or Without SNMP, Install WMI Mapper on the target node, which will run on port 5989.

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\T Bajpai
HP Employee

Valued Contributor

Re: Unable to Get Info from Windows 2003 Server


Installed WMIMapper on the Windows 2003 Server and re-ran the SIM discovery process.


Worked like a charm.


Thanks Tushar!