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Unable to clear IML in SMH if using SSO login from HP-SIM on Linux host


Unable to clear IML in SMH if using SSO login from HP-SIM on Linux host

Hello all,


if I access the SMH of a SLES11 host using SSO from HP-SIM I'm not able to clear IML entries and send test events too. On both pages, IML and snmp settings, I got no buttons for clearing or sending test traps. Instead, I get the hint:

NOTE: The ability to modify the Integrated Management Log may be disabled because you are not logged in with root privileges.

If I access the SMH using a normal browser login with username/password everything works fine. What I have done so far:

1. Create a root user on my CMS with same credentials as on the Linux host --> same behavior.

2. Add a CMS user to the root group on the Linux host  --> same behavior.

3. Read HP-SIM Technical Reference Guide --> found no how-to for that question.

4. Ask google --> nothing

Now you can say "log in by using the cerdentials", but that is very uncomfortable. If I'm logged into HP-SIM and access the SMH using the hyperling on hosts homepage in HP-SIM, then a SSO is used and I'm not able to clear the IML. For that to do, I must open a second browser window an have manually login into the host.


What I have to do, to get this running?


Best reagrds,