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Unable to receive traps in SIM

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Unable to receive traps in SIM

I have SIM 5.0 running on RHEL 3. The following config is done on SIM
a) Copied the mib to the SIM server
b) compiled the mib using mcompile -> generates the .cfg file
c) registered the mib using mxmib -a
d) Enabled to receive the unregistered traps.
e) the snmp.conf is edited to include the SIM server ip address [trap2sink ].

When trap was generated, no trap is displayed on SIM

So edited the .cfg file to include , --#TYPE, --#SEVERITY option as mentioned in the doc forwarded by Alpo, Kallio.
Again, on rasing the trap, nothing is displayed on SIM.

What more do I need to do , to get traps displayed on SIM