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Unable to remove a collection

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Unable to remove a collection



I am running SIM 7.2.  I have several collections assocatied with users that have left the company.  When I try to delete the collection as it is no longer valid, it tells me:


The collection cannot be deleted.

Cause: If a collection is use as part of another collection, or by a task, an authorization, the system status panel or the home gage, it cannot be deleted.


I have looked through as many of these as I could and cannot find where it is in use.  Is there a job or script or report I can run that will tell me where a given system collection is being used so that I can remove the reference?




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Re: Unable to remove a collection



Do you have a lot of authorisation under Options > Security > Users and Authorizations ? If you look under the Authorizations tab and look at the Systems are the any collections not All Managed Systems or CMS ? The default authorisations would be either two.




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