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Unattended / automatic installation of HP SIM agent

Terence Ng

Unattended / automatic installation of HP SIM agent

We have over several hundreds of servers to be administrated in our data centres and I have heard noise from my colleagues who wish to install HP SIM agent on unattended or automatic mode without their intervention.

Is there a way to customize deployment of HP SIM (e.g. HP System Homepage, etc.) agent in an unattended/automatic mode to HP HP servers?

Occasional Visitor

Re: Unattended / automatic installation of HP SIM agent

you can perform the deployment of HP SIM agents (HP SMH, SNMP agents, WBEM etc) on your managed nodes using "configure or repair agents" task.

Go to "configure -> configure or repair agents" select your target system & in the next page you can select the respective HP SIM agents & proceed from your HPSIM(windows).

In the credentails page you can use sign in credentials in HP SIM 5.3.
Honored Contributor

Re: Unattended / automatic installation of HP SIM agent

I use this script (paths omitted):

On Error Resume Next

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
intReturn = WshShell.Run("\\PathToHPSUM\hpsum.exe /use_latest /allow_non_bundle_components /use_snmp /use_wmi /express_install", 0, TRUE)
intReturn = WshShell.Run("regedit /S \\PathToRegFile\RemoveCPQTEAM.reg", 0, TRUE)
intReturn = wshShell.Run("cmd.exe /c copy /y \\PathToOptionsFile\vcagent.options C:\hp\hpsmh\data\cgi-bin\vcagent", 0, True)
intReturn = WshShell.Run(cmd.exe /c DEL /Q ""C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\HP System Management Homepage.lnk""", 0, TRUE)
WshShell = NULL

REG File contents (I don't like the CPQ applet running in System Tray):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


You can also substitute "/epxress_install" with a silent option (express install shows you a GUI but is unattended".

The vcagent.options file is a pre-built confiugration file that contains the VCAgent settings (repository and support pack)

So basically you need a tool to push this out to your servers, assuming you don't want to use SIM to push out the client (as mentioned before me), such as GPO or System Center.

Terence Ng

Re: Unattended / automatic installation of HP SIM agent

Thanks for information sharing from all of you.

I have downgraded my HP SIM 5.3 back to HP SIM 5.0 because HP SIM 5.3 is suspected to crash with iLO2 firmware (prior to v1.7).

Now, I am using HP SIM 5.0. Does HP SIM 5.0 provide same unattended installation to push agent to the managed hosts?