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Upgrade HP SIM 5.0 to SP5


Upgrade HP SIM 5.0 to SP5


I'd like to update my hp sim 5.0 installation to sp5. So I started the setup which I downloaded from hp sim website. But the setup seemed to me like a completely new installation of the hp sim (it asked about all the stuff which I already set in the first installation, username, database, ...). I aborted the installation because I wasn't sure if it's a completely new setup or just an update.

So, is there a guide for updating to sp5?

Thanks in advance.

Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Upgrade HP SIM 5.0 to SP5


You were on the right track. The new SIM 5 SP5 does look like a new installation.
On Database configuration screen you use your existing instance and you should be fine.

Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade HP SIM 5.0 to SP5

Hello Andre,

Though this is from 4.x to 5,the steps and options are the same.
As Albert said you are on the right track.