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Upgrade SIM 4.2 -> 5.0

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Gerhard H. Peters
Occasional Advisor

Upgrade SIM 4.2 -> 5.0

Hello You,

after upgrading our HP SIM-Server to v.5.0
I now got a strange feeling that the communication between agents (psp 7.x and TT 5.55) and server now is not very well.

I dont receive any critical and normal event messages when downing/restarting any server.
As well I dont receive any minor message when e.g. our cluster passes a threshold - which was so before.

Informational, major or critical messages arrive sometimes (Test Traps, power outage) - but I suspect not all of them...

I replaced/renewed the certificate of the sim-server at some clients, renewed/updated the agent. No change.

I would appreciate any idea...

Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade SIM 4.2 -> 5.0

See Andrew Cowan post here:
"I had same problem, contacted HP. Apparently this is a bug with HP SIM 5.0. You need to go into View All Scheduled Tasks and edit the Hardware Status Polling for Servers, but you don't need to actually edit anything just click next and go through all the steps until you are done. That's it."
Ben Vallance

Re: Upgrade SIM 4.2 -> 5.0

If the events you are talking about when downing/restarting servers are the "System is unreachable" and "System is reachable" messages then check that everything is checked in the:

Options -> Events - Status Change event settings
menu option.

When running SIM 5.0 we did not ever recieve these messages. Since upgrading to SIM 5.0 SP3 these messages have come back.

I cannot explain your threshold traps not coming through though.
Gerhard H. Peters
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrade SIM 4.2 -> 5.0


that´s right... its not a bug, its a feature :o) So the Update to HP-SIM 5.x sets the "automatically clear unreachable system status..." to on, which it probably not was before -> THANKS


I did update to SP3 now and now follow your advice to walk through "View All Scheduled Tasks" and edit the "Hardware Status Polling for Servers". I tell you later... :o)