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Upgrade from 4.2 to 5.1SP1 Issues

Lenny Davis
Regular Advisor

Upgrade from 4.2 to 5.1SP1 Issues

I have successfully upgraded (at last) from HP SIM 4.2 to 5.1SP1. Needed to do this before going to 5.2. Still having some of the same "Old Chestnuts" that plagued me in 4.2, that I know many other people have also had in looking through the support forums. They are:-

1) In the MP column of my W2K3 servers list, for several servers I have the 'No Management Server discovered in this server' message. When I list by 'All Management Procesors', some of the servers are there and others not. How do I get them all to appear all of the time? I have run the identify systems option as suggested in another post but this doesn't solve the problem.

2) The good old 'Software version status:Security Trust issue' message continuous to rear its ugly head, even though all servers are set to Trust All.

3) And the good old 'Software version status:VC Agent not found' message also continuous to rear its ugly head, even though I can go to the VC Agent page on all servers and they can all communication with my HP SIM console and display the correct VC info.

Whilst the interface and look and feel of 5.1 is considerably improved, I'm disappointed in what can only be described as "Bugs" are not fixed.

Ideally I wanted to iron out all these issues before upgrading again to 5.2, but if they have been fixed in 5.2 then I might as well upgrade before trying to fix them.

Any input would be valueable.