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Upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to HP SIM 5.3 SP1

Burhan Malik
Occasional Advisor

Upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to HP SIM 5.3 SP1

I have got HP SIM 5.3 installed earlier, running remote SQL2005 server, I am close to managing 300 servers in SIMs, and I have started to notice every day I have to restart the HP Insight Manager Service for SIM's to work properly.

I have read up forums where people have said to upgrade to 5.3 SP1, which I have now the predicament is, I have got SIM's running with empty collection.
I have also had a look at Database.props and Database.admin file to make sure it is pointing to the right server and the DB instance.
I have logged into SQL to make sure SIM's DB exist and has got valid data which it does, but for some reason it doesn't bring anything in the collection, I have rebooted my server after the upgrade.

Can someone help me urgently as this is critical for us, at the moement we have no way of telling if there an issue with any of my servers.
Rene Nascimento
Frequent Advisor

Re: Upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to HP SIM 5.3 SP1

This is a long shot, but I was wondering if your ODBC connections are configured correctly and pointing to the correct DB?
Burhan Malik
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to HP SIM 5.3 SP1

Thanks for getting back to me, i have figured it out.

I logged into SQL Enterprise Manager and when to HPSIM account and default database was pointing to Master, I have changed it to SIM DB and restarted HP Insight Service and I got all the collection back in my SIM.

By looking at mxdomainmgr.log i am still getting (Low Memory Detector) Heap collection hitting upper limits 89% used

I have read few fourms and ppl are suggesting to increase the heap size by updating the global.props file with the following entry MX_JVM_OPTS=-XX\:PermSize\=128m -XX\:MaxPermSize\=128m -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m

When I go to my SIM's server and look at task manager i am seeing mxdomainmgr.exe chewing at least 1.28 GB of RAM, i am running this on DL 360 G5 4 GB RAM, but I have read on others comments that its a memory leaking issue so no matter how much more RAM you got, you would have the memory leaking issue.

I have also downloaded SIM 6.0 and looking into updrading from 5.3 SP1, has anybody this ? and does it fix the memory leaking issue?