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Upgrading from SIM 5.1 SP1 to 5.2 SPx ?

Mikael Rönnbäck
Super Advisor

Upgrading from SIM 5.1 SP1 to 5.2 SPx ?


I'm running HP SIM 5.1 SP1 on Windows 2003, recently I tried upgrading to 5.2 SP1, but the upgrade completely failed during database population and I ended up with having to do a full rollback/restore of the server.

I'm therefore a bit hesitant at trying again without any idea why it failed, but I notice there's yet another new version available, 5.2. SP2.

So, is there anything fixed in regards to upgrades in that version that nay help me, or if not does anyone have any idea what to look for or do in case of another database population failure ?

Or is there any workarounds ? I was thinking along the line reinstalling the server to x64, then reinstalling SQL Server and SIM and then restoring the database but will this work, can I do this or are there ties to files in the operating system that I will miss if reinstalling SIM and restoring the database ?
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Re: Upgrading from SIM 5.1 SP1 to 5.2 SPx ?

newer version is always better but anyways there no issue seen like that before so it doesn't include that fix also.
first need to see what went wrong that time?

about your workaround yes it works. this below documents may help you in backing up/restoring DB.