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Using HP SIM 7.0 without a DNS server

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Using HP SIM 7.0 without a DNS server


We have a big environment spanning multiple domains and VLANs.

With customers asking for HW monitoring we wanted to use HP SIM to have a central point to gather all the polling (and the other nifty features).


However, since we don't have access to their DNS servers and for obvious reasons getting a list of about 1k IP addresses isn't going to help very much.

So what we need is a way for HP SIM to get the hostnames of the servers from the Insight Manager - Either through WBEM or SNMP - or pretty much any other way that doesn't involve using the customers DNS servers.


Using a hosts file to fulfill this is a tedious task since every time we add a physical server we need to manually add it to the hostsfile.


Is this possible or am I out of luck?


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Re: Using HP SIM 7.0 without a DNS server

The hostname will be returned form the polling event so that should be sufficient (provided you are using SNMP) but WBEM will most likely require DNS. COuld you not use a DNS Stub zone or caching zone?

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