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Re: V6.2 Unknown system for certain systems

Richard Munn
Frequent Advisor

V6.2 Unknown system for certain systems

I just upgraded from SIM V5.3 to 6.2 (with the hotfix).
It all went fairly smoothly (just some normal problems with Oracle).
My environment has all sorts of hosts mostly Proliants with Windows or Linux (RedHat) but we also have about 150 RX Itanium Linux host which all appeard fine under 5.3.

After a system identification task was set off to verify all was OK after the upgrade, there were quite a few systems with complaints about some protocol not responsing (WBEM for example) that should be the case because the only really common protocol used by all hosts is SNMP which should be enough to do a basic ID of the system.

But after this I found that all the RX's got set to a system type of Unknown. My understanding, unless it has changed, is that Unknown means that SIM has not identification rule for the system OID from SNMP. I chaned SNMP so all the RX's with snmpwalk using the v1 protocol and the correct community and they all reply in full as expected. I deleted all the RX's and manually discovered them but same result. The logs also says that there is no SNMP system ident rule found.

Other systems aparts from the RX's seem to get discovered OK as far as I can tell. It almost seems as if all the rules that apply to Itaniums have been removed yet even older systems like Alphas running Tru64 are OK. Does anyone have any ideas here?

Re: V6.2 Unknown system for certain systems

Hi Richard,

Run the repair agent task on one of the affected RX host... this will help you diagnose the issue...

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Richard Munn
Frequent Advisor

Re: V6.2 Unknown system for certain systems

Did that made no difference. But it does say under SNMP that no System Type Manager rile for the sysOBJId was found, yet there are type rules for the rx's in the list. The OID the rule points (which is supposed to match rx...., to however does not return anything with rx in it.

It does go on to summarise that it cannot identify the system and wants to use dmidecode. To do this it would need SSH access, which is not permitted.

You can argue the point about SSH but we have had this off for quite a while and all used to work fine.
Richard Munn
Frequent Advisor

Re: V6.2 Unknown system for certain systems

OK I did get SSH access temporarily.
But nothing happened.

BTW, I went back to a V5.3 CMS that is still running, deleted all the Itaniums and had them rediscovered. They all came back fully identified.

It seems V6.2 specific and only related to itaniums.