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VC Repository not responding to agents

Occasional Advisor

VC Repository not responding to agents


I've recently just noticed a problem which seems to be affecting all of the servers I try to update via the VCA. If I select a component showing as needing a firmware upgrade, then click install, the expected window pops up, but is blank and nothing appears to happen. The log file shows the following:

ntry Details
Severity Error
Task ID VCA1246376916
Date / Time 30/06/2009 16:49:07
Message The repository specified, mortgagemanager, did not return a result.
Additional Data
Connection: close
Content-length: 73
Content-Type: text/xml
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 15:49:14 GMT
Server: CompaqHTTPServer/9.9 HP System Management Homepage/ httpd/2.2.6+
Set-Cookie: Compaq-HMMD=0004-355de09f-d4ab-9a43-bf09-76633289b540-1246376954374147; path=/
Status: 501

This used to work, so I'm not quite sure why it's now gone wrong. I've checked trust permissions, timeouts and all seem to be fine. I also have managed to push the latest support pack out to one of the servers successfully (although this seemed to be a hell of a lot more difficult than it used to be...)

Anyone have any ideas?


Trusted Contributor

Re: VC Repository not responding to agents


What is the Version of VCA and VCRM?

you can also check VCRM log message for "Failed request" or "Unknown Request" messages related to VCA deployment.