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VCA won't install on Win2K Server

Art Brearton
Occasional Advisor

VCA won't install on Win2K Server

The following is returned when installation is attempted:

Entry Details
Severity Error
Task ID VCA1185972883
Date / Time 8/1/2007 8:54:58 AM
Message Smart Component, cp007755.exe, failed to install with status 0.
Additional Data
Setup Session Beginning 8/1/2007 - 8:54:55 AM

Command Line Parameters Given: /silent

Name: HP Version Control Agent for Windows
New Version:

Beginning Silent Session...

The software is not supported for installation on this system.

The current operating system version or service pack level is not

Installation will not continue.

The operation was not successful.

End Session

Newest Win2K version listed on HP web site is, which is the version currently loaded and reporting as out of date.

Also, it appears that the problem mentioned in HP Customer Advisory Document ID c01092497 is back after loading VCA on Windows 2003 servers.

HP? Any ideas?

Re: VCA won't install on Win2K Server

Hello Art,
maybe is the newest version for W2k? I know, VCA schow version 2.1.9 as latest availbale version, dont know how. But the OS is removed from cp...xml file:


many other supported OS, but no one for W2k

So you have 2 choices:
1) Modify the XML and try to install it
2) use version 2.1.8 and wait for a new version from HP

I would prefer 1)


Re: VCA won't install on Win2K Server

Hi ,

I have the similar issue ... may i know where & how to modify the xml file. ( i mean which entry to be modifyied )


Re: VCA won't install on Win2K Server

first of all:

I would definitely prefer solution 2 !!! Sorry, this was my mistake.

How to modify:
- Extract cp007755.exe to a separate directory.
- Open cp007755.xml in an editior.
- Scroll to the en of the file sction
- Add line
- Save file

Then start cpqsetup.exe.

Attention: This is not testet because I don't have a Windows 2000 system available.

Attention: Use it on your own risk !!!


Re: VCA won't install on Win2K Server


Thanks for the reply.

I would like to add some comments in this.

I have windows 2000 sp4 server where i am getting the error in vca that the vca should be updated to 7.90. Does vca 7.90 is supports windows 2000 sp4 ?

curruntely i have vca 7.60

Screenshot is attached for referance.

Many thanks in advance

Re: VCA won't install on Win2K Server

Supported or not, this IS the question:

If you go to HP download and select your system (eg. DL380 G3) with Windows 2000 you will get
PL Support Pack 7.60 as latest version and version (27 Apr 07) for the Version Control Agent.
Version 2.1.9.x isn't available for download for Windows 2000, so 2.1.8 should the latest version.
But I know, the VCA page show 2.1.9 as last version, and I think THIS isn't right.

Art Brearton
Occasional Advisor

Re: VCA won't install on Win2K Server

Hello all,

Thanks for the responses. Personally I was sticking with but was hoping HP might correct the problem where SIM (and SMHP) was showing that an upgrade was needed after a SW Status check was run. I have seen where was the latest listed for Win2000 but sometimes the web site and SIM are not in complete synch for a few days.

The more disturbing issue is the problem in the document I mentioned. After loading, my 2003 servers, I now have that issue again. It's fixable, but is a nuisance.
Trusted Contributor

Re: VCA won't install on Win2K Server


HP VCA will not install in Win2000,

If HPSIM is reporting it as "out of date", the best way to solve is to Set 7.80 PSP as 'reference support pack' to all Win2000 VCAs.

You can do this in multiple Win2000 targets using "replicate agent settings" option in HPSIM.