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VCA 2.1 (Agent Setting Prohibit Installing Software)

Dave Sauer
Occasional Visitor

VCA 2.1 (Agent Setting Prohibit Installing Software)

I have a Windows server (out of the many) with the version control agent 2.1 installed and connected to the Version Control Repository server. The Agent can see\and compare what it has and what it needs against the Version Control Repository Server but it appears to be just read only. I.E. when I click on the grey circle to install I get the Agent Setting Prohibit Installing Software. Where do I correct this? I can go to the VCA settings and select what support pack and what username and password and this works with success? Also I do have me agent settings in the security portion to trust all...

I don't have this issue with other Windows servers.



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Rich Purvis
Honored Contributor

Re: VCA 2.1 (Agent Setting Prohibit Installing Software)

This is usually caused by the fact that the server running the VCRM has Anonymous Access enabled in the System Management Homepage. The VCA is connecting by Anonymous Access. If you verify that the VCA has proper credentials configured to login to the VCRM and turn-off AA on the system running VCRM the problem should clear up.

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Dave Sauer
Occasional Visitor

Re: VCA 2.1 (Agent Setting Prohibit Installing Software)

Wow, that was too easy... A new thread opened and one response for closure within an hour...

That corrected the issue. Thanks.