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VCA PSP version control

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VCA PSP version control


Can anyone tell me how if my VCA server (same server as my HP SIM 5.3 SP1 server) contains multiple versions of the PSP (8.25,8.268.30 etc) how I set the version by which all SIM client servers are measured by?

By which I mean is 8.25 is out standard, the servers reporting say they are out of date as the VCA server has automactically downloaded 8.30 and is measuring servers by the new PSP.

Hope this makes sense.


Adrian Clint
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Re: VCA PSP version control

Create your own baseline which is the same as 8.25.
Change VCA on one server to use the baseline as the standard.
Replicate the VCA settings to all the other servers.

Or disable automatic downloads, and manually populate the repository with firmware and drivers as you require.
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Re: VCA PSP version control


I think you are talking about
1) VCRM downloaded new PSPs &
2) VCA showing status based on latest components in VCRM.

If you want your VCA to point to 8.25 PSP. then you should set "Reference support pack" in VCA.

1) Browse to VCA Homepage [https://:2381/vcagent]
2) click on "change agent settings" in VCA's Home tab
3) give VCRM details, click NEXT
4) select a reference pack, from the list displayed. click NEXT/FINISH
5) from HPSIM perform "Replicate Agent Settings" to copy settings from above system to all other systems in your network.

hope it helps.