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VCA/Status not Discovered/Correct

Bill Bohlen

VCA/Status not Discovered/Correct

I'm having an issue with some of my servers in HPSIM.
I've verified that the VCA on these servers is installed, pointing to the correct VCRM with reference support pack, status is green, and all SNMP and security parameters are correct.

The Software Status in HPSIM shows an Information icon that says "Run Software Status Polling". I've done this many times, it always completes successfully but never updates the status icon to a green checkmark.

I noticed on the server's "Identity" tab, in the Status Information column on the right, there is no Software Status link. However, I can get to the SMH and the VCA on the server from the "Links" tab.

I've tried deleting and rediscovering this server in HPSIM, and still no Software Status link.

Any ideas?