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VCA and ILO 2 reporting issue

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Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

VCA and ILO 2 reporting issue

Hi All,
I've got an ILO 2 in a Server that reports the ILO 2 firmware is at 1.20 in the VCA.
Now I know I'd already tried an update of this but the VCA seemed not to accept the change (updated t0 1.22).
So I've just done another update to the latest 1.26 version.
The log below indicates all went OK and states the detected version as 1.22;

Name: Online ROM Flash for Windows - HP Integrated Lights-Out 2
New Version: 1.26 (17/11/2006)

Beginning Silent Session...
The software is installed but is not up to date.
Current Version: 1.22 (11/08/2006)
- the component will be updated to the new version
The operation was successful.

The VCA still thinks 1.20 is installed.
I've got the Remote Insight agents removed from the SMH as we don't use ILO for local servers. But I wouldn't have thought that would impact VCA reporting.
PSP 7.60 on a W2K3 SP1 Server.
Is there any known fix?
Honored Contributor

Re: VCA and ILO 2 reporting issue

I am having the same trouble with the iLOs we are using. This is the only way I could get them to report correctly in the VCA:
1. Add the Remote Insight Agents back to the managed agents in through Control Panel
2. Update the firmware
3. Run the software poll on the server
4. Remove the Remote Insight Agents out of the managed agents.

Not fun, but it did the trick.
Occasional Advisor

Re: VCA and ILO 2 reporting issue

The upgrade executable package successfully completes but the firmware doesn't always apply to the ROM.

I've had success with HP Integrated Lights-Out firmware by installing a much older patch first then applying the newest.

For me, I couldn't upgrade over the 1.87 Japanese version directly to 1.88 english. Forced a downgrade install of 1.70 successfully, waited for the VCA to show the old firmware version, then applied 1.88A and it stays.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VCA and ILO 2 reporting issue

Thanks for the tip.
I added the Remote Insight Sub-Agent and then checked the VCA after the Agents restart and it now looks okay.
Unfortunately I didn't check it before and I've been away on leave for over a week. But just adding the Remote Insight agent may have fixed it.