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VCA cannot contact VCRM after upgrade of SMH on VCRM

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VCA cannot contact VCRM after upgrade of SMH on VCRM



HP SIM 7.1.0 on Win2008 R2

Hotfixes up to HOTFIX71_027 applied


I recently upgraded the System Management Homepage on my VCRM from to (because of the heartbleed vulnerability) and all my VCA's on my Windows servers could no longer communicate with the VCRM.  As soon as I reverted back to the original version, communication began to work again.


Does anybody know of why this may be?  I'm wondering if it may be something to do with a trust?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: VCA cannot contact VCRM after upgrade of SMH on VCRM

Hello ,


 The problem is the System Management Homepage that you updated to is not supported by the Version Control Agent. To fix this first update your Version Control Agent to the version. Or if there is a newer version when you read this, since Hp change a feature of the Version Control Agent:


Security: changed default cipher to securely connect to HP System Management Homepage 7.3


So if you updated you VCA they can then connect to the new System Management Homepage. The VCA uses the System management Homepage to connect to the Version Control Repository. While you're at it, update the System Management Homepage due to the SSL security issues you probably heard of.


Kind regards,



Kind regards,