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VCA does not talk to VCRM

Philip Teale

VCA does not talk to VCRM



I just installed HP SIM on my system, it works fine, reports all the errors etc. The only thing which does not work is the communication between Version Control Agent-Version Control Repository Manager. In the SW column for the server I can see the information icon with the fallowing text:


Version Control Agent Not Detected

NOTICE: The Version Control Agent (VCA) has not been detected on the target system. On a Windows system, the easiest way to install and configure the VCA and associated agents is to create an Install ProLiant Support Pack task. The Version Control Agent cannot be installed on HP-UX systems. The Version Control Agent will not properly report installed software or firmware when running on Virtual Machine guests.

If the VCA is already installed on the target system, then run Automatic Discovery or Identification so that the agents are added to the database.

The problem is that the agent is installed and configured using the main console; I can access the web page using the https://<servername>:port, and the system is already discovered and indentified… All the firewalls are off and there is nothing blocking the communication on the network…


Any ideas?


Also, how does the firmware/software update work on hp? Do I have to download all the newest software into the repository first, or will it detect all necessary updates and download them automatically?


Thanks in advance.




Occasional Contributor

Re: VCA does not talk to VCRM

Should you have the config the Version Control Agent (in SMH) connecting to the VCRM?
Philip Teale

Re: VCA does not talk to VCRM

The problem is  that when i login to https://<servername>:2381/vcrepository i can see the server which i configured, with the info it contact the manager today, at 8.30, so i assume it works...


Now another problem is that it does not report if it is up to date or not... I downloaded the support pack and dropped it in the repositorty, but still no change on HP SIM or VCRM... any suggestions?

Philip Teale

Re: VCA does not talk to VCRM

It looks like i am very impatient and want everything to work straight away...


Everything works fine, it seems, just needs some time to contact/update all the databases etc.


 Thanks for help.