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VCA option grayed out.

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VCA option grayed out.



I recently installed VCRM and VCA on our new managment server (W2k8).

After connecting to the VCRM I am able to select a reference support pack.


When a refference is selected i am allowed to check the option:

When checked, software status is based on installed software's version matching exactly that software's version in the Reference Support Pack.


However the option:

When checked, force VCA to consider all the components in reference support for software status calculation and report items that are not installed.

Remains unavailable.


This behaviour is replicated on a second server (W2k3) so looks like related to the VCRM.


A previous instalation i did in the past i remember this option being available.


Of course i have several components not installed yet (like the iLO boards) for which i planned to employ VCA.

jim goodman
Trusted Contributor

Re: VCA option grayed out.

that feature only becomes available for Custom Support Packs are used as reference support packs - it is a auditing like mechanism detailing items that should be updated but are not accounted for in the Custom Baseline so I suppose you could theoretically create jobs to install one-offs. You wouldn't need this if using an actual support pack because everything would be accounted for. I suppose an application would a custom baseline that excludes NICs - with the point of going back and installing NICs at another time, checking the box would keep the status from going green so I would know what servers I have to revisit or remediate.


I don't think the VCA 6.3 User Guide is very clear on it.