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VCA quits when configured with an invalid VCRM host

Patrick Schoo
Occasional Visitor

VCA quits when configured with an invalid VCRM host

Platform: RHEL4 update 8
VCA version: hpvca-2.2.1-2

I have noticed a problem with HP VCA running on a Linux host. After installation of the RPM I use the System Management Homepage, Version Control Agent to specify the Computer Name of the VCRM. The VCA agent is running.

# /etc/init.d/hpvca status
vcagentd (pid 24357) is running...

When I specify a name that cannot be resolved the VCA window freezes. From the command line I can see the VCA agent stopped working.

# /etc/init.d/hpvca status
vcagentd is stopped

There are no messages in the logs.

It is also possible to use the script
to configure the VCA. In this case an error appears in the log when the hostname cannot be resolved.

The repository specified, , could not be accessed using the specified account and password.

Can someone confirm this is a bug in the Linux HP VCA?