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VCRM Won't stay running

Brian Hahne
Regular Advisor

VCRM Won't stay running

We have a brand new installation of 6.0 completed, and the VCRM will not stay running.

The error is that the VCRM terminated unexpectedly.

We were running SIM 5.3 with all the latest SP's and hotfixes, but again were not able to run VCRM 6.x and had to drop to an earlier version...

This time, I bought a new box (BL460c, dual x5550's, 36Gb of Ram, SAN connected to our XIV) and reinstalled everything fresh.

It's running Windows 2008 64 bit, and SQL 2008 64 bit.

Everything on the entire system runs great, is fast, we no longer get the lockups and memory holes which caused system crashes in 5.3... but now I can't get VCRM to stay running.

Any suggestions? The server itself is running PSP 8.40, with all the latest firmware.
I would appreciate any and all help.

Re: VCRM Won't stay running

Same problem here.
VCRM stops when checkings software status.
Also the systems will lose the config after a while.
I need to do a rediscovery of the system to get links like software status and system management homepage back..

using hpsim 6.0

Occasional Advisor

Re: VCRM Won't stay running

Did you ever figure this out? I just (stupidly) updated from 2.x to 6.0 and BLAMMO! VCRM. The service will not stay lit! Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks -h
Brian Hahne
Regular Advisor

Re: VCRM Won't stay running

I got mine working again.. but not on 6.x

I had to uninstall VCRM, and clean out the repository.

I then rebooted, and reinstalled the last version of 2.x, which fixed the linux psp issues that threw it into a loop.

Once that was done,it all started working again.

Honestly, all my systems even up to those running 8.40 seem to be reporting status fine now... so I'm not sure I see why there is a need to upgrade until it's fixed.

I only use it for status, and notification, we don't push things out from it.