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VCRM and VCA - did HP rob me again?

Nicolai Rasmussen
Regular Advisor

VCRM and VCA - did HP rob me again?

I was very excited when HP FINALLY decided to release a new version of the VCRM and VCA.
Release notes looked good, new feature in VCRM, exciting!


We have 500+ servers, and while I know that network guys work in IPs only, us server guys tend to like DNS names. Reports are based on IP addresses??? We do have a little something called reverse DNS. Come on!?

I can see the IPs that are "not compliant", but I can't deploy directly from the reporting page. - THAT would have been really neat. I can live without that feature though, if I could just have DNS names instead of IPs...

HP SMH now times out on ALL our servers because of the VC agent. - Even running the older version that doesn't have the reporting feature, we still see SMH timeouts. "Raise the timeout to 60s" HP says. - Brilliant, why didn't you make that the standard in the newest version of HP SMH then?
I have to do that manually on 500+ servers?

So...If you're running VCRM ver < 6.2, don't bother upgrading. You'll end up getting very disappointed ;)

New Member

Re: VCRM and VCA - did HP rob me again?

Yeah, I agree! I have the same timeout problems. And why is raising the timeout the answer? It's a band-aid solution and a bad one at that. How about fixing the VCA so it doesn't time out?
Rene Nascimento
Frequent Advisor

Re: VCRM and VCA - did HP rob me again?

Yep, I'm with you guys. Since upgrading to the new VCR, when I login into my SIM server console, my page comes up "done" at the bottom left of screen and my console view is completely blank!! not one of 500+ servers displays. SIM 6.2 Enterprise software? Start designing the next gen please.
Honored Contributor

Re: VCRM and VCA - did HP rob me again?

I am having the same trouble with timeouts, with various versions of the VCA. Unfortunately, when this happens and I go to Settings to reset the UI timeout setting, it times out again and that option does not show up.