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Re: VCRM Catalog not showing HP ProLiant Support Pack

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Robert Egloff
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VCRM Catalog not showing HP ProLiant Support Pack

Have a question about the VCRM catalog. I uploaded a Proliant Support pack (9.10) to our SIM Server's Version control respository - but it's not showing as a 'Support Pack' - this is a problem as I cannot assign a reference support pack to any of the machines. It shows a ton of 'components' - but no actual support pack.






I created a 'Test Baseline' to see if anything would show other than components, and it does. But since I used the 'upload support pack' link - it found the support pack fine and did the upload - shouldn't it show up now?


I had to get it all updated in order to get it working - well, actually - once I signed in with credentials it started working, as it just refused to find the Version Control Repository by certificate; but username/password will work also. So I'm 100% sure it's updated. 


VCRM is version

The VCA on the server i'm using for testing is version (64bit)



Robert Egloff
Frequent Advisor

Re: VCRM Catalog not showing HP ProLiant Support Pack



This issue has been resolved. Apparently; VCRM didn't like the old PSP I was attempting to use. An HP engineer assisted me with getting this corrected.


After downloading PSP 2014.02.0B, clearing the repository out (you can do this by just deleting all of the files in the repository's folder) - re-adding the Service Pack; then updating the catalog - it worked perfectly.


VCRM success.JPG