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VCRM Not Seeing files in Respository

Rafic Massih
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VCRM Not Seeing files in Respository

Hey Guys,

So im trying to push out VCA to be installed on a standard win2k server box. Whenever I try to push out the agent from the CMS, obviously the CMS tries to access the required file in the repository, however for some reason it keeps on looking in the Program Files location, despite me specifying the path of the repository. Ive tried to re-install VCRM but that didnt work. The Catalogue is working fine without any problems and populating correctly. Its stumpped me, can anyone help?
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Re: VCRM Not Seeing files in Respository

Rafic Massih,

what is the option you are using to "push out VCA"

1) if managed node dose not have VCA, then use "Initial PSP deployment task" in HPSIM.& select PSP from VCRM to use

2) if managed node have VCA, then use "install software/firmware task" in HPSIM. & select component from VCRM to use.

3) if you are using "configure or repair agents" task,to install VCA, it won't use vcrm
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Re: VCRM Not Seeing files in Respository

Hi Rafic,

This sounds familiar, I've seen something like this happen before. Which Windows 2000 service pack are you using and which version of CMS is currently installed?

I might be able to find an answer for you, if you want to give me your email address we can try and work something out in real time.