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VCRM Update Repo failing - error 2147500037

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VCRM Update Repo failing - error 2147500037



I've performed a new installation of SIM and with it, VCRM 7.2 When I attempt to update the repo from, it kicks off the task and then fails ~ 15 secs with the following error:



Error for file: catalog.xml
  Error code: 2147500037
Error downloading remote file to local file C:\hp\hpsmh\data\webapp-data\vcrepository\catalog.xml



I've tried deleting the catalogindex.xml and retrying - no success. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, again no success.


The catalog.xml file specified on the FTP site is accessible and I'm able to download it (18MB). Permissions on the local directory are fine as when the task is running, a 0KB catalog.xml file is created, along with an 8KB catalogindex.xml file. Once the task fails, the 0KB file is deleted.


There are no firewall rules etc that would filter.


I've searched the life out of this issue and there are lots of historical issues that have not been resolved, or apply to VERY old versions and aren't applicable.


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Re: VCRM Update Repo failing - error 2147500037

I had same issues..


what you can do is.. download the support pack which is the iso .. and drop it into the repository folder.. and do a rescan...
this is how you would manually update the repository.


at first it may seem like its not doing anything.. but it will automatically populate the support pack.. and you will see everything.. the  VCRM is slow so drop the ISO into the folder.. come back in  1-2 hours you will see it all there.


hope this helps.


please send me KUDOS if this helped you.

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Re: VCRM Update Repo failing - error 2147500037



for your information:

This has to do with the new download policy from HP regarding Firmware & Software. (since few weeks you're not able to download anymore any Drivers / Firmware without a valid HP contract linked to your account, so you need to login on the website first)


I've heard that HP is working on this issue, since you're not able to configure any account to use for the automatic downloads in HP VCRM and we have to wait until this new "fixed" version of VCRM is released.


Until then you can add the components manually to your repository as sungminjin already mentioned.