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VCRM and SIM Cluster

Rob Rugg

VCRM and SIM Cluster

I have setup SIM in a clustered environment and I am having an issue with the vcrm setup. Right now I can only seem to get the repository to point to a particular server...not the cluster address.
example: server1a and server1b have a cluster address of server1c. If I configure the vca it only allows me to choose either server1a or server1b.

Any ideas...
Valued Contributor

Re: VCRM and SIM Cluster


Configure the VCRM repository in Shared storage.
Now you can point the VCA of the two nodes to the repository in shared storage.

This should work.

Rob Rugg

Re: VCRM and SIM Cluster

I have the VCM setup on shared storage already. My issue seems to be that I can't use the cluster address, I have to pick one node or the other. I would like to use the cluster address.
Martin Smoral
Trusted Contributor

Re: VCRM and SIM Cluster

my guess is that the VCRM is not a cluster aware application. Did you create a Cluster Resource for the VCRM service to run in under the MSCS (Microsoft Cluster Service) ?

maybe you have the VCRM running on both servers with the Repository on the shared storage. I think the VCRM needs to run under the Cluster, then it will only run on the Cluster server1c virtual node and which ever node is the active node for that virtual server.

my 2 cents,