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VCRM: default settings / templates


VCRM: default settings / templates

Dear HP SIM community,

although there are lots of entries in this forum and a quite well documentation on HPSIM I was not able to find an answer for this topic:

"Is there a way to store default settings for all VCRM components so I don't have to configure this manually everytime a new update is published?"

The reason: All new PSPs are automatically dowloaded by my VCRM server. But for the configurable components I have always the same mouse clicks to do.

like for HP SHM:

1.) Click on configure
2.) Click on next
3.) Click on next (no extra local groups having access to SHM are specified)
4.) Trust by certificate is fine
5.) enter the certificate data as base64 and specifiy the name
6.) no specific ip address bindings
7.) etc.

Everything else is working automatically. Why do I have to specifiy this settings every time a new version of the SHM is fetched?

Is some kind of template mechanism planned or already available? Some notification if a template is not matching the configuration options for new components anymore would be great (SNMP trap via CIM would be sufficient).

Many thanks in advance for your hints.

With best regards

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VCRM: default settings / templates

No because the configuration is stored in the file being distributed and not the VCRM.
The new PSP comes with files with nothing configured.
It is a bit of a pain having to update the configurations whenever a new PSP or component that can be updated is released.

Re: VCRM: default settings / templates

Hi Rob,

the concept is clear for me. As far as I understood VCRM should also accept configuration changes on this files done via the Remote Deployment utility (Scanning the repostiory takes half an hour but entering the configuration data goes fife times as fast as over the web interface).

Maybe someone from HP can take this question as a feature request for future versions of VCRM.

Even if it is stored locally in the PSPs I would assume that it is possible to add such kind of functionality to the VCRM. From my point of view it makes no big difference if the PSP configuration data is entered manually by me or automatically by a batch job.

With best regards