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VCRM not downloading catalog from HP

Occasional Contributor

VCRM not downloading catalog from HP

I recently set up SIM7.1 with VCRM.  Everything is working as expected except for VCRM.  It is not downloading catalog from HP.  Here is the error msg:


  Error code: 12029
  The attempt to connect to the server failed.


I've read on the forum that VCRM uses FTP for two different HP sites for catalog update.  Unfortunately, our security policy disables all FTP both inbound and outbound.  Two questions:


  • Does VCRM allow SFTP of FTPS?  If so, how do I configure VCRM to use these protocol?
  • Is there any other way to connect to HP for catalog update?  HTTPS?


Occasional Contributor

Re: VCRM not downloading catalog from HP

Does anyone have an answer?  Or can someone at least confirm that VCRM is only download via or  thanks.